Naughty ape clan NFT Collection On Solana Rating, Reviews and Details

Naughty ape clan, We are 4444 apes on solana with utilities and dao | UCPhub

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Naughty ape clan
Naughty ape clan

Naughty ape clan

We are 4444 apes on solana with utilities and dao





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We are 4444 apes coming to solana with dao
We specialise in simplification and plan to provide multiple utilities for our holders
Creating a dao, token($clan) and tokenomics and staking for holders with token as reward, release of v2 generations, breeding of V1 generations to create baby apes staking and burning of all collections
Expand our team, build a p2e game

Roadmap: ●Quarter 1 & Quarter2 ~phase 1: 100% mint of nac. (Giveaways during mint) ~phase 2:-> setup of DAO. 50% of mint and 50% of royalities of secondary sales go into DAO Community wallet will be used to buy nfts till a token is released, 50% of funds in community wallet is used to make token we will begin staking of apes with clan token as reward Community wallet becomes fully functional dao ~phase 3: release of v2 generation through breeding ~phase 4: tba

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SOL Roadmap Contract
Message: There are no comments for this project.
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