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Ethopia Online, A world full of unexpected treasures. | UCPhub

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Ethopia Online
Ethopia Online

Ethopia Online

A world full of unexpected treasures.





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Ethopia is a medieval fantasy MMORPG game that takes you back in time to discover sites of outstanding beauty and rich history, captivating and cradled by many legends.

The world of Ethopia is divided into different kingdoms, regions, and cities. A rich story and exciting adventure wait for those whose interests are more intellectual. Find the lost stone tablets, complete quests, train your skills, craft weapons and armour, fight enemies, discover hidden treasures and join a guild

Roadmap: May & June 2022 - Start of community building - Whitelist registration - Give-aways & Promotion - EO Chest Pre-sale (whitelist) - EO Public sale - NFT chest reveal - Activate guild buildings - Member Accounts (web update) - EPIA Token contract - EPIA airdrop - Ethopia Online Beta release (PC) - Official Game Trailer - EO gaming forum (web update) - Strategic token sale round - Release of the comprehensive game introduction manual Find the complete roadmap on our website / whitepaper

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