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Baby Sharks, Educative NFT for artists and ocean lovers. | UCPhub

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Baby Sharks
Baby Sharks

Baby Sharks

Educative NFT for artists and ocean lovers.





1666 Cronos


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It is a limited collection of 10,000 randomly generated collectibles.

Each NFT comes with a master online class on how to become an NFT creator by learning how to: use Procreate, make an active community on Twitter, automatically generate thousands of images from a few layers, drop your collection on top NFT plateforms, expand your project and grow your community.
Baby Sharks is helping our beloved partner Ocean Ramsey foundation to protect sharks in their natural environment

Roadmap: 1/ The Baby Sharks will be released on HopSwap. After the initial release you will have the opportunity to trade them on the marketplace. 2/We will be running contests and giveaways for all the Baby Sharks holders. There will be NFTs like Loaded Lions, and much more to be won, such as real-life adventures with sharks! Once sold out, NFTs will be randomly airdropped (many winners). 3/OCEAN CONSERVATION AND CHARITY 4/We will offer every Baby Shark holder a full online class to become an creator

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